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Galentine’s Day started as fiction. In a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie, creative and crafty and bursting with kindness for the people she loves, invented a way to do something American culture hadn’t traditionally been too good at doing: celebrating, in an official capacity, the joys of female friendship. Leslie set Galentine’s Day as a festival that would fall, each year, on February 13: Valentine’s Day-eve. She decided that the festivities would be to simply celebrate the platonic love that exists among lady-friends.

Galentine’s Day soon became popular among real-life women, too. The festival, after all, filled a need. It found a market. Like Friendsgiving , Galentine’s Day acknowledged a broad truth about American life as it’s lived in the early 21st century: Friendships, increasingly, are playing an organizing role in society. Understand that marriage, kids, the nuclear family is above all. Also remember friendships, more and more, are helping to define people’s sense of themselves in the world. As children, gathering your friends for parties is easy, because our definition of friendship was pure and easy.  During adulthood, friendships continue to be meaningful people’s, lives. The deepest friendships operate not to replace the family unit, but to complement it.  As I grow up I am hoping to rekindle the ease of friendship and eliminating the mean girl mood and celebrating my friends the way I celebrate my family. However I have to be me and since I am all about FASHION and STYLE, this Galentine’s Day, I’m helping you celebrate your fashionista friends in a fashionable way!


Set the tone for your fashion-forward Galentine’s Day fete with an invitation that says style and flair! The Fashionably Yours stationery line is for the ultimate fashion girl! As soon as she opens her invitation she’ll know that she’s in for a treat! Inside the invitation be sure to set the tone with what your girlfriends will be in store for.  If you plan on adding a hashtag to your event, include it so as your gal pals begin to prepare for their arrival you can document everyone’s point of view and it makes for a nice visual of how your event is looking.  Don’t forget to let your guests know if you will be feeding them, and if there will be a gift exchange what are the stipulations now is the time to let them know.





This is why we’re all here… for the FASHION! A great fashion party has a great dress code.  Set a dress code that will compliment your overall theme.  Think about the picture that you all will take and guide your fashion friends to make a great impression! Think about creating a dress code that is monochromatic in different silhouettes.  You may want to send a look book with suggestions and color shades that your friends can choose from.

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The decor is the backdrop to your event.  Be sure to make everything tie in to have a cohesive feel for your fashion party. Think about making your decor items that your girlfriends can take when the party is over.  For example, balloons, flowers, mini champagne bottles and candles are all decor pieces that your guests can take away when your party is done.  Think about fun and cute dessert items that are instagram worthy and delicious!






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