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The summer is full of mini-vacays, short getaways, and 3-day adventures and packing a bag for such a short trip can have you overpacking a rolling suitcase or overstuffing a small duffle bag.  The solution, a weekender bag, a true weekender should qualify as carry-on luggage for commercial flights. Roughly speaking you should be looking at a bag that’s about 1′ x 1′ x 2′,. A weekender makes a great gym bag or even beach bag, and it can fit a whole picnic should you use your bag for double duty.  Although there are other options that are smaller than a roller bag, like a two-strap, school-sized backpack, let’s face it, it’s for kids, camping and other non-adult activities.  Imagine walking into a chic bed and breakfast or in the lobby of a sophisticated hotel with a backpack. . First impressions are everything, so before you head out for a short trip think about toting a stylish weekender bag that is both great in size and style.  

So what makes a good one? Check for a few details that show good construction:

Material – You want a strong bag that won’t show wear-and-tear. Waterproofed canvas or nylon makes the best exterior. Leather handles and siding add class and a extra stability.   Higher-end bags have a waterproof interior as well, making the inside easy to clean.

Color – Dark is more businesslike; light is sportier. Figure out which one you need. Black luggage is pretty much always safe. If you are able to get both, get a bag for business and one for vacation!

Size – Remember your bag should be small enough to fit in an overhead compartment, but  as big as you can get within those. You should be able to fit a jacket or coat across the bottom and still have plenty of room for your other items.  A tip:  a tennis racket makes a good guide — if you couldn’t fit the head of a tennis racket (with the handle sticking out of the zipper) in the main compartment, the bag’s a little too small.

Inside Pocket – A typical weekender will not have compartments on the inside – however it should have at least one pocket for important paperwork, jewelry, or other small valuables.

Straps – Look for a bag that had handles and a strap. You want tough straps that are long enough for you.  THE bag looses its sporty flair if it’s hiked all the way up your shoulder blades when you sling the strap across your chest.

Shop a few stylish weekender bags for your next mini vacay!

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