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#TRAVELTUESDAY 5 Places In The World You Have To Dress Your Best

5 Places In The World You Have To Dress Your Best


I’m not sure there’s an occasion more fun to dress for than the Kentucky Derby. The style of the event can’t really be described, other than as an eccentric blend of high fashion and pageantry that’s developed over many years and now consistently produces some of the best public looks in any given year. I could look through Kentucky Derby “best of” slideshows and lookbooks for hours on end. Frankly, they’re more fun than the race, and the race is usually rather spectacular!

This year, thinking about Churchill Downs from a style standpoint got me thinking about other places in the world where you simply have to dress up (or at least dress for the occasion). It’s a fun list to think about, particularly for those who like event- (or fashion-) based travel!

1. The Royal Ascot – Ascot, England


In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, we should also mention one of the UK’s major horse races. The Royal Ascot is a more formal horse racing event, a little less overly festive than the Derby but still with some traditional elements of horse race fashion. The event has its own style guide, and as with the Derby the looks back at how well-dressed everyone was in any given year is usually a treat.

2. Teatro La Fenice – Venice, Italy


It should go without saying that there are a lot of really amazing theaters, opera houses, etc. all around Europe. Picking one that’s the most prestigious, most formal, or most impressive is just about impossible, but Teatro La Fenice in Venice isn’t a bad start. One of Europe’s great opera houses and one of the best theaters in Italy’s illustrious history with the art form, it simply demands your finest outfit.

3. Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France


Attending the Cannes Film Festival is no joke. It’s a fairly exclusive industry event. But you can research a few trips and tricks for how to find your way in. If you do get in, just remember most of the crowd is made up of celebrities, people from production studios, financiers and buyers, and others associated with these people. So, while it’s not always the most formal event in Europe, you’ll want to strut your stuff. God forbid you bump into your favorite movie stars in tux and gown while you’re wearing something casual!

4. Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monte-Carlo, Monaco


There’s actually a fair bit of chatter about how casinos have gotten more casual over time. It’s now acceptable to stroll into your nearest casino wearing just about whatever you’d like, even if that means an old tee shirt and tattered jeans. But Casino de Monte-Carlo is different. Indeed, an article on this very subject described it as one casino in the world with a strict dress code. You simply won’t fit in unless you dress up at least a little bit.

5. Arthur Ashe Stadium – New York, United States


This is where the U.S. Open tennis tournament is held each fall. And while Wimbledon has more of a high-class reputation, the night matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium tend to be full of well-dressed high-rollers and celebrities attempting to blend in. When Vogue does a write-up of style sightings, you know it’s an event worth dressing up for. Just remember if you get to go that these night sessions in August and September tend to be a little bit hot and humid!


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