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Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur


On April 1st I unveiled my newest brand with a crowdfunding launch party for Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur.  The location was important for the launch so I went to the ultimate shopping hub, Crabtree Valley Mall.  Teens and tweens were treated to a fashion show and party with face painting, sweet treats and mini manicures with the Miss April Nail Glam Polish.



Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur ® is an 18” fashion doll created to teach girls a creative way to start a fashion and beauty business.  Through different mediums girls will learn how to style, dress and create fashions for their doll and themselves.  Miss April will come with a fashion sketch pad, pattern, dress form and accessories to get your daughter in the entrepreneurial mindset to create the fashion collection of her dreams. Miss April will share lessons in:

  • How to Shop
  • Style Tips (How To Dress for Your Age)
  • Retail Math + Measurements
  • Garment Care
  • Fashion History
  • Current Fashion
  • Careers in Fashion
  • How to Start Your Own Fashion Business
  • Textile
  • Drawing of the Croqui
  • Color Basics
  • Fashion Drawing Techniques

For the longest, I have been in love with fashion, as a matter of fact I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little.  Since my childhood, I’ve toyed with the idea of a fashion label for the longest, creating collections and coming up with new ways to be a designer.  I am so grateful for this idea of teaching girls how to start their own fashion business as teens and tweens.  This is not only my brand but my mission and way of giving back.  I have so many high hopes for the young women I plan to inspire and the best is yet to come!

The Campaign:

Fashion is ever evolving and now not only what we wear but how we sell it. More and more teenagers are becoming financially self-sufficient with ecommerce. Now is the time to start to teach our children innovation, & entrepreneurship. My passion is fashion and entrepreneurship. It is my goal to create a brand that marries the two to teach your girls to become captains of the industry now.

I am seeking to build a community and following for Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur. This campaign is about garnering support for the long-haul. If you “buy in” to this concept now you will buy into it throughout this process. The funds that I am seeking are to prove the validity of the concept. If 10,000 people back this project that means more to me than the amount of money raised. I am a successful entrepreneur, I am confident I can raise the funds but I want a community of teens, tweens, creatives, fashion lovers, educators, and entrepreneurs who see the vision and want to support the vision. Check out the campaign 



APRIL 1, 2017


Azia Harris of Azia B Salon giving mini manicures to little fashionistas in Miss April’s Nail Glam Polish


The Fashion Station


Coloring page from the fashion station


My goal is to make this brand easy for parents to invest in their daughter’s future in fashion & beauty


Venus Demarlo, The Gypsy Artist painting faces



Little Fashionistas took to the stage to rip the runway!


Stacy Ramos of Tina B’s Sweet Treats came up with the sweetest and most creative fashion displays for guests


Miss April welcoming the Little Fashionistas


Cantrailia Kerr, Choreographer brought her traveling dance team from Just Dance to celebrate


TV personality and host Valonda Calloway hosted the fashion show

The show with Belk and a prom dress from Macy’s:

Thank You Everyone who came and supported me!



Miss April and Miss Tre with her dance team Just Dance who also modeled fashions from BELK and MACYS


My friends! My sister is missing, she’s camera shy, but I love you JOY!!!

Thank you to my partners:



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