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April’s Fashion Fool’s Fete


2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-25

I had the distinct pleasure of teaming up with Moon & Lola to throw my 3 year bloggerversary and birthday celebration! For those of you who are not familiar with what a bloggerversary is, it is the anniversary when I started my blog. I love blogging, it’s a hobby that helps my fashion and beauty business.  I enjoy sharing fashion tips and style advice with my readers, I get to style the masses with my blog, it’s like my personal magazine (hint, hint goals) For me, blogging constantly for the past three years is a big deal. With thousands of blogs popping up everyday, consistency is key, so I take the time annually to celebrate blogging and sharing content regularly.


2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-11

This year, I decided to have an actual event called April’s Fashion Fool’s Fete! Because the event took place on April Fool’s Day, I decided to play with the wording to make the party name fun and unique! Today, I am sharing tips to celebrate small moments in your life and business.

Tips for throwing an intimate gathering for your business:

  1. Serve fun treats to go with your theme. The colors for my blog are PINK and Moon & Lola has a lot of PINK decor! During the event they provided PINK champagne and PINK cookies!2016 April Fashion Fools Fete
  2.  Give fun gifts to your guests that reflect your theme and personality.  Guest will always appreciate you taking the time to consider them and thier presence with cute gifts.2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-34
  3.  Launch a product or service while you have people’s attention. On sale for a limited time and quatity my new t-shirt line I launched at my party! Shop it here.2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-40



Thank you for celebrating me!

2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-22

2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-29 2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-46 2016 April Fashion Fools Fete-40

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