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Each week I shop for you at my favorite retailers.  Click the links to shop my exclusive deals from my retail partners!




  1.  A classic bathing suit.  It’s always a good idea to buy one new one at the end of the season for next summer OR if you’re like me you take off season vacations and it is hard to find a good bathing suit for a decent price in the middle of winter.
  2. Your favorite sunglasses.  If they’re your favorite, chances are you have worn them to death this summer. Grab another pair for next season.
  3. A vacation tote. Grab a stylish vacation tote and start filling it up with your favorite things. This is a way to keep you excited about getting away for that much needed summer vacation.
  4. A summer shoe. Espadrilles are classic, find a pair that you love wear them a few times and hold them for next season.
  5.  A summer dress… or two.  Sometimes the deals are so good! Pick t up for next season and all you have to do is shop for accessories and shoes!
  6.  Update your travel case. If you’re like me, something always explodes in my case. I find myself replacing this often!
  7. A jeweled pair of flat sandals. From weddings to vacation a good pair of flat jeweled sandals are a great item to have every summer.  I especially love them for wedding receptions because its a no-no to walk around with no shoes on, I don’t care how bad your feet hurt!