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June Blog Shoot  -59

African Summer

This summer I am all about rocking my African pride! I found an amazing little store in downtown Durham, NC called Ngozi Design Collective. Ngozi (pronounced N-go-zee) is an Igbo word (Nigeria) that means blessed. The design collective is a a growing group of inspired local,

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3 Ways to Remaster the Little White Dress

The little white dress is winter’s equivalent of the little black dress. It’s a staple that is necessary when navigating the summer social scene.  Black can be worn all year long so during the summer months take advantage of the LWD and have fun with

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Out of Africa

  A lot of times you love a look that’s not on trend and that’s okay. For me I love the safari look. Back in the 80’s I remember watching the movie, Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, I loved the safari

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Now that we have gotten over the initial shock and excitement of Beyonce’ s new line IVY PARK , I have to say it’s pretty cool! The athleisure trend is running like wildfire in the closets of fashionistas everywhere and with good reason, it’s stylish

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Get in SHAPE, Girl !

My newest obsession is the weighted hula hoop! It brings back memories of the 80’s toy phenomenon , GET IN SHAPE, GIRL! A fitness program from the 80’s for young girlsNow I have to admit I loved the Get In Shape Girl toy because of the

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Look Like A World Traveler

London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and Rome different places, different faces, I can’t wait to leave home! Ah, to be a world traveler. There was  a show on the Sundance channel called, Man Shops Globe about a buyer for Anthropoligie and tastemaker, Keith Johnson, who shops in

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Stripes for Everyone!

This Kate Spade New York Multi Cape Stripe Dress is the perfect spring dress for a wedding, graduation, or just about any social event! Stripes have been something that plus size girls have been warned to avoid, but this dress is flattering on all shapes