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Photos by Sharon Bui

Photos by Sharon Bui

It’s summertime and what’s better than that? Summer Fridays! Summer Fridays are typically held at Fridays at businesses during June, July, and August. Some companies will close the office for a half day, while others will shut down entirely for the day.  For those companies that stay open all Friday, they atypically are a little more lax when it comes to the dress code.  Men typically do not have to wear a tie and ladies can wear summer dress. Most companies do instill rules for summer dressing, but even if your company does not have hard and fast rules here are a few DON’TS when it comes to Summer Friday dressing!

DON”T #1

Don’t wear shorts! Even if it’s okay, when it comes to the office you should always dress for the job you want.  If you plan to be on the C-level one day, shorts are never permitted, unless it’s on the golf course.  Instead wear a pair of slim fit ankle pants in a color — not a print.  A solid color is still colorful and laid back but a print is too casual.  Be sure sure your pants fit correctly.


DON’T #2

Don’t wear flip flops. Even if they are the fancy designer pair you wear on the weekends.  The sound of the flip flop is one, annoying and two, it’s too casual for the workplace.  Wear a flat sandal with straps!


DON’T #3

Don’t wear spaghetti straps. Never! I always aim for a cap sleeve in the office and if you do wear a spaghetti strap wear a cardigan or my favorite a kimono. A stylish structured kimono is great for a half day at the office.  Avoid the kimonos that are light, airy and see through.  look for one that is lined and structured.


DON’T #4

Don’t wear graphic t-shirts.  Unless it is a company picnic, leave the funny saying tees at home. Wear colorful t-shirts and polo shirts with pants and skirts for Summer Friday.


DON’T #5

Don’t wear tight jeans. Your jeans should fit like trousers, look for denim trousers to wear on a Summer Friday.  Leave your weekend and off-duty jeans at home and set aside a few pairs of “work” jeans for the summer.


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