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In your closet are great items that will stay with you from season to season.  When it comes to basic tee shirts and tanks they should be treated a with a little more care.  I know that’s hard to believe because we spend less on t-shirts and tanks but that is exactly why they need extra special attention.  Basic items are great for layering during the winter months mostly and during the spring and summer they make a solo debut.  The problem is some basics don’t stand the test of time.  If there is one thing that should be replaced every season are the basics.  Take time to go through your closet and recycle your basic t-shirts and tanks or better yet turn them into loungewear! If you’ve ever felt uneasy about purchasing fresh t-shirts for lounging this is a great way to extend the life of an old t-shirt that is still in good condition but not fresh enough for your everyday looks.


On the other hand if you’re style is more laid back or you really like athleisure  spending a little more money on the basics is a smart move. Basics are becoming more and more stylish.  T-shirts are coming in various neck and hemlines to make them stand out as fashion.  T-shirts with back cut outs and asymmetrical hems are popular with brands like Adidas , AthletaIvy Park and more. A simple t-shirt with a small design element can take a simple jeans and t-shirt look to another level and another price point.  Be prepared to spend a pretty penny on these types of basics and also be prepared to take special care of them as well. Tri-blend shirts (tees that are spun using three different fabrics such as polyester/cotton/rayon) are more expensive but they also last longer and hold up better in the wash. Most people wash their basics in cold water, but detergents work better in warm (not hot — they will shrink) temperatures. Dry your tees in the permanent press cycle on the dryer and use fabric softener to release wrinkles easier.  For more care tips check out my garment care guide in my book “Are You Going To Wear That 365 Days of Style Tips” Check out my list of higher end stylish basics, you won’t regret the purchase! Shop below






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