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#TBT Fanny Packs


Pictures by Sharon Bui

Fanny pack, belt bag, moon bag or belly bag, whatever you call it just grab one! Back in the 80s a WONDERFUL invention ascended into the fashion stratosphere.  The fanny pack, a small, usually zippered purse or pouch worn at the waist , for carrying keys , a wallet and small items. It was a game changer and just about everyone one carried one.  They came in pretty simple colors… BLACK, and in some cases they were extra big and bulky, they quickly turned into a cliche and pretty much no one wanted to wear them anymore because it was seen as a “tourist” accessory.  However, there were a few cool and colorful belt bags but it just didn’t have the staying power, until Chanel Spring 2014!

Rhianna in Channel

Rhianna in Chanel

Channel Spring 14

Chanel Spring 14

I screamed for JOY when I saw this look come down the runway. Could this be a FASHIONABLE comeback for the bag once known as a bum bag?! In short, YES.  This is just a little taste of how the fashion industry works and why, aspiring fashion professionals need to pay attention to the runway shows.  Belt bags like Channel were almost impossible to find in 2014 and now four years later, they are in every mall and boutique in the world.  Belt bags are the perfect vacation bag next to a backpack.  Being hands free while on vacation is great, you’re able to enjoy your experience and have your belongings close to you.  Don’t forget, fanny packs were invented to keep your belongings close to you to avoid getting your purse snatched (a big issue in the 80s). Now, with both form, function and style, fanny packs are here … at least for now. However long the will be in style, grab one or three.

Sporty belt bags

Normally these bags come in nylon, or a durable fabric with bright colors.  This is perfect for jogging, or an amusement park trip.

Dressy belt bags

Newer to the scene dressy belt bags are being warn with dressier looks as an accessory, versus utility.  These bags come with studs, and are usually an actual belt, meaning they don’t snap together in the back like the traditional bag. They have a smaller pouch on an adjustable belt.

Designer belt bags

Gucci, Alexander Wang, Prada and of course Chanel, all have a designer version of their designer handbags as belt bags.  A pretty penny to own one, but I have a feeling these won’t be the tacky tourist belts from the 80s and a covetable vintage find in the future.


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