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My newest accessory obsession are brooches.  I. LOVE. BROOCHES. ! It started when I was young, between my mom and all of my grandmothers, I had plenty of brooches to choose from.  Plastics flowers, crystals, beads, you name it I have seen it and now… I have it. My collection is still pretty small I am still curating brooches that speak to me. I want timeless, classic, vintage brooches that I can add to anything.  Late last year, for Christmas , I tried doing a brooch corsages, where I add brooches to the lapel of coats and blazers to mirror the look of a corsage.  You can add brooches to just about any item, handbags, scarves, or hats, but my favorite place to add brooches is on my blazer and outerwear.

There are a few ways to organize your broaches one is by color and the other is by theme. First, I decide what way I want to style my brooches, by theme or color.  I lay the brooches on the jacket and I begin to arrange and play with the sizes of the brooches and how they will lay on the jacket.  Once I have a layout I like, I pin one at a time to create a cluster of gems.

How to style brooches

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Here’s a great example of arranging your brooches by theme. These brooches are all inspired by nature, flowers, birds, and butterflies. Theme corsages or clusters are great for events or theme seasons like Christmas or these would be great for spring or Easter.



Plain blazers are perfect to style with brooches.  Such a simple jacket, can be changed instantly with brooches! Invest in a quality blazer and change its look with brooches and so much more!

Pairing your brooches by color or finish is another way to style them.  Gold is always a nice pop on blue or denim as well as purple.  If you have gold undertones in your skin a nice golden brooch cluster is an added bonus to your look. Sometimes look for the same metal in different finishes for added interest.



An unexpected way to wear brooches is also on your outerwear. This is such a ladylike style tip and guess where I learned it, from my grandmas and mom. Adding one or three cluster brooches to your formal outerwear is perfect for outdoor activities where you will be in your coat most of the time.  However, dressing up a denim jacket with brooches is so unexpected and stylish.  Watch the reaction you get when you add a few brooches to denim… trust me, have I ever steered you wrong?

This fall save a few bucks by keeping your outerwear, jackets and blazers.  Adding brooches, a scarf or a belt will change the look and save you money. Show me how you styled brooches #whatwouldaprilwear

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