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Photos by Glory Roze Photography

Photos by Glory Roze Photography

Brrrr… or nah? Here in Durham, North Carolina, it’s not cold, cold, which could be the reason people are a little more cheerful and accepting about the winter months in these parts.  When it comes to fashion, dark and warm come to mind.  Darker colors, warmer clothes. Rarely do we mention COLOR, but now is the time to bring on the color!

In my continuation of my exploration of Durham with fashion, I found the cutest coffee shop, Cocoa Cinnamon on Chapel Hill Road. It’s one of three locations serving drinking chocolates, espresso drinks, coffee, affogatos, and freshly made classic style churros! The lakewood location has a beautiful, bright and quaint ambiance inspired by classic churrerias and street vendors in Mexico and with subtle allusions to Andalusia, North Africa, and Sicily.  This location served as a perfect location for this week’s fashion inspiration, with brightly colored tables and chairs, on a warmer than usual winter day it could brighten any day and warm you inside with a delicious coffee or chocolate.

I had the most delicious love in a cup latte from Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, NC. I had the one of their signature latte, the CARAMELO a latte with house-made caramel sauce. Yum! Click the picture to see their menu.


My book Manic Monday Makeover is a guide for women on the go who need help planning their week in style! Purchase a download by clicking the picture. Perfect for coffee house reading!

Break out of the ordinary black and gray colors for your winter wardrobe and add vibrant colors to make your colder days warmer! I love wearing bright purses, jewelry, shoes, coats and hats in the winter! Rather than wear a bulky knit hat to keep warm I wear colorful turbans! It’s been my thing for years I have almost every color! Finding different ways to incorporate color into your style makes for a standout look! Try fun colored glasses, punchy purses and even quirky accessories for your phone!

Here are a few style tips to incorporate color into your winter wardrobe:

  1. Invest in a colorful winter coat. Since my look is pretty colorful I opted to pair my look with a camel colored coat.  I do recommend that every woman have bright color coat red, cobalt blue, pink or even yellow!
  2. If you do wear a neutral color coat, pair it with bright color winter accessories like hats, scarves, gloves and even a pair of boots.  The great thing about bright color winter accessories is that they can be interchangeable with different winter coats and jackets to create various looks with one or two coats.
  3.  Purchase bold colored sweaters and turn up the hues on winter fabrics like velvet, wool and corduroy. When it turns out to be a rather brisk day, a bright colored sweater with coordinating corduroy pants will add a smile to your face!
This HELLO sweatshirt is a cheerful pick-me-up! Click the picture to purchase!

This HELLO sweatshirt is a cheerful pick-me-up! Click the picture to purchase!

what would april wear

Coffee tastes better in cute mugs, shop my collection of gifts here!

Coffee tastes better in cute mugs, shop my collection of gifts here!


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