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A fun alternative to a winter cap or a spring hat is a turban or turband (for the summer and spring months).  A bad hair day can be stopped in its tracks with a colorful turban.  Start off wearing them as an outerwear accessory and once you feel comfortable you can add one as a part of your look.  Major designers like Missoni and Gucci have colorful and decorative turbans with decorative elements to make your outfit go from ok to O-KAY! But if you’re not ready to drop a couple hundred on this accessory look for affordable options and add you own element like a brooch or find a one in gold or silver lame. In the summer to cover up your beach hair try a turband it’s knotted like a turban to look full in the front and open in the back like a headband.  Here’s a tip, you never know when a good hair day can turn to a bad hair day especially during very humid days, keep an emergency turban on hand for days like these.  I keep one near my umbrella because chances are if I get caught in the rain my hair did too :) Take a look a these turbans to see if you can start a mini collection.

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