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Say YES to the PROM dress


Prom, is a special time in a young girl’s life.  The thrill of getting dressed up to ride in a limo, eat a fancy meal and dance the night away with your girls or with your sweetheart.  I was lucky to experience prom almost every year while I was in high school.  From 10th grade to senior year my style evolved.  My sophomore year, 1994, I wore a long off the shoulder black and while gown and my date/boyfriend wore red to make our look pop (that was my idea, even back then I had an eye for style).  My junior year, 1995 I went to prom last minute with my best friend.  I didn’t plan on going but we decided to make a night of it! The funny and crazy part about it, this cute dress (above) was my sister’s 8th grade formal dress.  I loved this dress when we went shopping for it and I wanted it so bad! She graciously allowed me to wear it.  I wore my hair up in a high ponytail to go with the girliness of the dress.  I always had a thing for nail and could never wear them because I played basketball, but for the night I designed a full set that was color blocked with purple, teal, pink and black it was the best accessory! The best part of the night I was crowned PROM PRINCESS as a junior! My senior year surprisingly wasn’t warted down since I had been to prom two year’s in a row.  I actually opted to go to my boyfriend’s prom (our high school rival) versus trying to go to both prom events in one night.  About my dress… I opted for a pattern I found at the fabric store to be unique and wouldn’t you know another girl had the same idea and she wore it in black! It was funny and my first ever same dress run-in! Out of all the prom looks I loved my junior prom dress and look! See some of my prom pictures below:


If you’re in the Raleigh area come out and see me at the BELK fashion show:


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