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I am all about wearing what makes you happy and confident! But what if you are unsure where to start so that you can love your everyday looks? My advice: start with complimenting what looks good for body type and go from there. This series is meant to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to dressing your body. Try using these tips as a guide to perhaps trying something you’ve never knew or tried. Your body type might be a combination of a few of the areas I will be sharing. Take time to experiment. If you try one of these tips show me! Hashtag #wwawxloveyourshape share your fashion experience on social media. Let’s take a look at a few tips for women with and without a chest and waist.


Whether you have a waist of need a way to define one there are styling tricks to make it happen.  If you have a boyish figure and are looking to create curves, wearing a long dress  with a skinny belt or a dress with darts and structure will make you appear tall and shapely in the mid section.  Look for cropped jackets, wrap dresses and belts.  Belts are your friend if you need to define your waist.  In my book, “Are You Going To Wear That?! 365 Days of Style Tips, I share in Style Tip #25, that if you want the illusion of a waist to wear a belt at the smallest part of your torso.  Not only is it a great accessory but it adds an instant waist for those in need. Avoid making the belt overly tight, it can cause an unnecessary bulge.

On the other hand,  if you’re like those of us who have had a baby and your tummy situation is not making you super confident, look for a light color cardigan that you can wear over something dark.  It automatically makes the mid section appear smaller.  Try shopping for sheath dresses,  and a-line tops.  If your goal is to appear “tummy-less” ditch the drawstring pants and baggy shirts and look for tunics and pants with a side closure.


Always embrace what you have and learn how to style it. If you love your chest but are not sure how to frame it, wear something fitted and low cut.  I’m sure for years you have been told to keep the neck line high and that is false.  By “trapping” your chest in a shirt with a high neckline your chest appears bulky and can give off the “uni-boob” look.  A lower cut shirt (done in good taste) with wider straps in a scoop or v-neck can turn your beautiful chest into an accessory for your look.  If you go in this direction keep the look structured and simple.  For example a colorful a-line dress cinched at the waist with a classic heel can be more alluring than a busy print with too much cleavage and an open toe shoe.

However, if you’re very busty and more on the conservative side you can be modest without “trapping” your chest.  Wide leg pants bring balance to a larger bust.  Look to pair them with a dark top, jacket with defined shoulders.  Make sure the wide leg pant or a-line skirt are a lighter color along with the darker top.  Still remember to avoid high necklines, but add a jacket for extra coverage.

A good bra will also help you dress your chest correctly. Panache bras are very supportive for women with a D cup or larger.

If you’re in need of a more endowed look, to create interest in that area look for blouses with ruffles or volume in the chest area.  Do the opposite of those with a larger chest.  Higher necklines are your friend! Halters, turtlenecks and double breasted jackets create the illusion of a larger chest. Avoid bandeau tops at all costs.

A good push up bra never hurt! Victoria’s Secret has amazing push up bras for smaller a smaller chest.



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