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I am all about wearing what makes you happy and confident! But what if you are unsure where to start so that you can love your everyday looks? My advice: start with complimenting what looks good for body type and go from there. This series is meant to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to dressing your body. Try using these tips as a guide to perhaps trying something you’ve never knew or tried. Your body type might be a combination of a few of the areas I will be sharing. Take time to experiment. If you try one of these tips show me! Hashtag #wwawxloveyourshape share your fashion experience on social media. Let’s take a look at a few tips for women with and without a booty and waist.


Never be ashamed of the curves you have! Although it may be difficult to find jeans that fit your butt there are ways to make your amazing tush stylish.  A tucked in shirt with a pencil skirt or jeans is flattering.  Look for jersey fabrics, bandage dresses and colorful bottoms.  Try to avoid loose fitting skirts and pants that only make your bottom half bigger than desired.  If you are trying to keep eyes off of your booty or you’re not as curvy back there look for tunics in a finger tip length and straight legged jeans.  Try to keep the attention up top.  Solid color bottoms are best and avoid high-waist anything! Look for pleated skirts, low waist jeans and rear welt pockets.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to jeans is to make sure you pockets are centered on the fullest part of your butt.  If your pockets are too high it can come across like “mom jeans”  and if the pockets are too low it will make your booty look droopy. Look for pockets with an inward angel to accentuate your curves.  If you need a little lift or boot illusion try trouser style welt pockets that add a little padding to your rear.


If you’re like me and you love your hips, thighs and booty then form fitting clothes are your friend.  Not only will form fitting clothing be comfortable because of the stretch but they will accentuate your curves to the max! Wearing high heels helps to make your hips look balanced with an elongated leg.  Remember that oversized patterned make hips wider. Keep the pattern small if you desire to wear them.  To camouflage your hips, a well tailored jacket that hits in the middle of your hips will make them look smaller.  Look for trapeze dresses and dark solid skirts and pants. Stay away from whisker denim or light denim and the opposite if you’d like to create hips 😉


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