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Style Tip #43 from the book, "ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR THAT?!" 365 Days of Style Tips

Style Tip #43 from the book, “ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR THAT?!” 365 Days of Style Tips

In my book, “Are You Going To Wear That?!” 365 Days of Style Tips I share practical style tips that can help inspire your personal sense of style and share tips to make this fashion journey of yours easier to navigate.  In style tip #43 I say, “Keep a fashion emergency kit in your car with one outfit, shoes and accessories. (from the book) “I got this idea one day as I was packing my son’s diaper bag.  I added a change of clothes down to the socks and shoes and then I thought to myself…why don’t I have a “just in case I mess up my outfit up bag”  Think about what you do most and create a fashion emergency bag.  If you are in the corporate world you definitely need to have one in your car or office.  You never know when you might accidently mess up your dress at lunch or spill coffee on your shirt.  A quick change with the right accessories and shoes will definitely save the day!…”

Things to consider when building your fashion emergency kit:

  • The season. It’s great to have a fashion emergency kit in case of emergency, but a wool jacket and tweed skirt in the middle of winter is , no bueno!, Be sure to check in monthly with your kit.  Think about the beginning of the month add or remove anything you don’t need.
  • Change in taste. Your style will change, the trends will change.  Be sure to consider that your current style will change; keep a classic dress in your emergency bag and switch out your accessories to match your personal style at the moment.
  • Your needs. Consider what you do for a living when making your emergency kit.  If you plan on doing a lot of networking after work be sure to add after work accessories to change you desk to a dinner look in case you forget one morning.  Also consider dress code. If you wear a uniform it’s easy to have a back up.  You may have to add a couple of options in one bag, but remember it’s an emergency kit not an overnight bag 😉

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