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This 6-week fashion and beauty class will teach, fashion entrepreneurship, confidence + style. EveryThursday from July 13 – August 17, students ages 8-12 and 13-18 will discover what it’s like behind the scenes of retail, fashion styling and fashion show production at Crabtree Valley Mall. Each hour class will consist of hands on fashion and beauty experience from a local expert! Students will take what they have learned and exclusively produce the finale fashion show before the Pulse FM Back to School Bash at Crabtree Valley Mall in September!

Summer of Style Course Description

101. BE INSPIRED- Find out how fashion designers, makeup artist and other stylish professionals come up with inspiration! Students will learn how to pick a theme and draw, cut out and collage a mood board to inspire their style for back to school.

102. CREATE A LOOKBOOK- A look book is a series of looks that a fashion designer or jewelry designer puts together to showcase a new collection, assembled for marketing purposes. Students will look at various look books and team up to create a look book for back to school.

103. HOW TO STYLE LOOKS- Now that students are inspired, it time to style looks for back to school. April will teach students how to pick and style looks for various occasions.

104. HAIR AND MAKEUP- The finishing touches! Hair and makeup are the final step to competing a look. In this class students will learn a new hair trend to try on each other! That’s right pair up with one of your gal pals and give each other a hair and makeup lesson with a guest instructor.

105. ACCESSORIES- A fun way to jazz up any look with through accessories! This class students will make their own jewelry inspired by runway looks from New York, Paris, London and Milan!

106. FASHION SHOW PRODUCTION- Now it’s time to put it all together and produce a BACK TO SCHOOL FASHION SHOW! Students will learn how to walk the catwalk, pose and turn in addition to the behind the scenes grunt work of picking & styling their look, choosing the music, and all of the finishing touches for hair, make up and accessories.

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