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Manic Monday: How to Organize Your Make Up

Here’s another tip to help you organize your beauty regimen for the week. If you have one to two makeup bags that you use everyday You’re waisting time! Shuffling through bags of makeup every morning is sure to make you late to class or work

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Manic Monday: Five Minute Face

Gosh Monday’s can be MANIC if you’re not prepared, but every Monday join me here for a look at practical tips for your make-up and manicure regimen. ┬áToday it’s the 5 minute face! I will give you 5 steps to a flawless finish for your

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Welcome! Welcome! I am excited about this new journey to bring to the masses luxury and glamour through my brand Iconic Lifestyle Inc. Iconic Lifestyle Inc. is a leading lifestyle brand for the modern woman. Our brand consists of a chic mosaic of cosmetics, jewelry,