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Happy Bloggerversary! It was 5 years ago I started fashion blogging and it has been an amazing addition to my fashion & beauty brand.  When I first started, I blogged about my nail polish company and how to pair fashion with my cosmetics I blogged as ICONIC LIFESTYLE. To be honest, I hated the name.  All of the bloggers around me had cute blogger names like Stilettos and Champagne or Life with Becky and so on, but for me it was always about the end game… to build a fashion and beauty conglomerate and blogging was the way I chose to start.  Blogging helped me to really learn my craft, pay attention to the changes in my industry, and to be involved in the conversation of the community. When I started blogging I didn’t have access to a photographer, so I created looks with Polyvore and posted them to my blog. I would blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I gave each day a theme: Mani Monday to talk about my nail polish Werk it Wednesday to share how to take a high fashion look and get it for less and Fashion Friday was my celebrity style, trends and new product posts. I then realized I wanted to monetize my blog so I moved from my Shopify blog on my business website to a WordPress platform. I called it STYLE, SHOP, FASHION hoping that the keywords would drive traffic, but STILL it wasn’t ME. I began to blog more days and joined a few affiliate platforms and was able to now add banners to my site which still is a great money generator.  My blog began to look like a fashion blog. The final change came when I changed the name to WHAT WOULD APRIL WEAR? And I haven’t looked back since, I took the idea of blogging about my fashion business with ICONIC LIFESTYLE and the money making factors of STYLE, SHOP, FASHION and created this platform. Now it’s a daily fashion & beauty blogazine that caters to creative girlpreneurs who need fashion and beauty advice from someone who know what it’s like to run a creative business, have a family and still look stylish.

I LOVE my blog now and I am looking forward to another 5 plus years! My advice to my creative girlpreneurs is to START! You’ll get more on your way than when you start out.  From blogging I have written books, appeared on TV, blogged for brands (paid), met amazing women, created a brand of products, traveled and so much more and still coming!  Your tribe will appreciate your “come up” and you can inspire someone.  Most importantly you will know what you like and don’t like and be able to expand on it to make it your dream business.


This month I’m rolling out two new series to introduce to my tribe of girlpreneurs, 50/50 home 50/50 beauty 50/50 style this is about the “find” I will be sharing tips on 50 items for $50 or less in each area it will be the GO – TO list you’ll want to follow in each issue.  Finally, I am excited about the LOVE YOUR SHAPE series.  This is a big deal because although I model the clothing on the blog, we all are shaped different and so I want to share tips on how to dress YOUR body type.


Be sure to tell your creative girlfriends about my blogazine, subscribe to it… It’s FREE and thank you so much for all your support, likes, comments on the blog, and encouragement.  I hope to build this blog site even more!


Fashionably Yours,


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