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What’s the best time keeping tool for creative entrepreneurs? — A  calendar!  I know, I know you’re an entrepreneur, how could I possibly insinuate that you need another planner or time-keeping device?! I also know that having stylish, colorful and useful decor in your office is something you look for to brighten up your office and home.  The What Would April Wear 2018 Calendar is a downloadable wall calendar full of bright colorful fashion pictures for style and outfit inspiration.  Each month I share 5 tips from my book, “Are You Going To Wear That?!” 365 Days of Style Tips.  Each month I coordinated style tips for that season/month to give you something new to try, or in my case something to remember to do.  Yes, I re-read my books and material to stay inspired and to remember what I said so I can do it :)

What Would April Wear

Yes, I have a planner, an electronic meeting reminder, a journal and more time keeping tools than I need. However, I find that when I am in my office working I need a quick glance of what the date is, what holiday’s are coming up and yea a little style never hurt anyone. Downloading my calendar is another layer to your already air-tight planning system.  This year, maybe you planned to be a little more stylish, perhaps you need something for that bare wall in your office or better yet, put this calendar in your closet! I bet you can find ways to incorporate the five monthly tips I give you.

What Would April Wear

As a creative entrepreneur, your lifestyle is in color and style.  We have the unique opportunity to dress and design our lives anyway we want to and let’s face it we have to, because it’s our brand.  Imagine your clients walking into your salon to see that there is a calendar with style tips to coordinate with your services.  As a matter of fact wouldn’t it be great to give all new clients a free (to them) download of my calendar? Let’s say you do nails, and you are looking to give your new clients an incentive to come to your salon, wouldn’t it be great to spend $50 for 5 new clients a month? or maybe your marketing budget is bigger and a $10 gift that you don’t have to house in your salon sounds like money in the bank! If you’re interested in a gift download just email me at and I can set you up with a link for your customers!

What Would April Wear Calendar

Here’s a sample of January.  Your download includes 24 pages and a cover. The “top” part of your wall calendar has the five style tips for the month of January.

What Would April Wear Calendar

The “bottom” part of your calendar is a normal calendar with holidays highlighted, the past and upcoming month along with a stylish quote from the fashion elite!  I download my own calendar and use it.  I laminate it and use dry erase markers to remind me to look at my planner.  You can add the bottom part in your office and the top part of your calendar to your closet.  Hang it in your bathroom, on the fridge, or keep the tip part in your planner to remind you to shop and style! The possibilities are endless.

Since we are nearing the end of January I am giving my readers a code to download the calendar for $5 until January 31st. It’s one download per reader.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together! Use the code “STYLISHME” and once you try a tip use the hashtag #WhatWouldAprilWear , I’d love to see how you styled yourself!.

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