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In 2018, purple reigns! That’s right. The new “it” color is PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet. The company describes it in terms of the cultural feel of the year and what people seem to need at a given moment. In Ultra Violet, Pantone sees the mysteries of the cosmos, inspiration for the future, and the color of the night sky. It calls for inspiration in the work and lives of Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix. And, finally, Ultra Violet raises awareness of the connection to self through mindfulness, and how purples often evoke a connection to the mystical and the spiritual.


To make sure you stay on trend, now’s the time to stock up on some beauty products in Ultra Violet. Eyeshadow is the best way to test out this hue, you probably already have it in your makeup stash but in case you don’t here’s a look at a few shades of Ultra Violet:


If you have a beige undertone a cool or deeper purple looks great on you! For pink or red undertones a purple with more pink is ideal. Golden or  olive tone skin is best matched with a purple that has a warm rose tint. For deeper tones, a blue based violet is stunning!

Most ultra violet eyeshadows will come in “quads” giving you a polychromatic look.  Polychromatic is where you pair shades together based on light, medium and dark. It doesn’t matter if the shades are different colors as long as you follow the light, medium and dark rule.



For a purple smokey eye place a dark purple over the lid and blend with a light pink in the crease and then in the outter part of the eyelid add the smokey grey and black colors.



Use the lightest color with a flat, stiff brush and press the color into your lid and up to your crease, picking up more color whenever necessary. Pressing the color keeps more color on the eyelid versus sweeping the color on the eye.  For more intense color add a primer or lightly tap concealer on your eyelid.

Use a rounded crease brush to apply the medium shade color to your crease. Start at the outer corner of your lid near your lash line and move the brush back and forth across your crease to where the lighter color ends.

Here’s where a lot of women mess up, they forget to blend.  Blend out any harsh edges with a clean, fluffy blending brush. Move the brush back and forth across your crease where the two shadows meet. Do this until the two colors blend together, eliminating any harsh lines where the colors meet.

Lastly, use a pencil brush – to pick up the darkest color. Tap off any excess and apply the color to the outer corner of your eye in a sideways “V” shape. Keep the color close to the outer corner of your eye and don’t extend it more than one-third of the way into your eye.

AGAIN, use a clean, fluffy blending brush to blend out any harsh lines.




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