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WHAT WOULD APRIL WEAR It’s almost time for spring break! The first big vacation time of the year and I hope you take advantage of this time and relax a little and work light.  As a creative entrepreneur, it’s not always easy and practical to take a vacation, but take a few days “off” and enjoy yourself! The best part about getting away is packing all of the spring and summer-like clothing but for me the hardest part is packing my bathroom.  I tend to get a little out of control when it comes to traveling with my beauty products.  The short of it… I overpack.  I had to learn how to take advantage of travel sized beauty products when traveling.  My concern is using travel sized products that I do not use daily and settling for what is in the TSA approved beauty products. So, I am sharing tips on how to take your regular beauty routine on the road and not miss a beauty beat.


When I travel, I try to plan my hair in advance.  Planning my hairstyle helps me to decide what products and tools to bring for maintenance.  If there will be a lot of swimming, I plan to wear my hair in braids and pack accordingly with clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine, salt and sand , a great moisturizer and conditioner.  Although most hotels will have travel sized shampoo and conditioner , typically, they do not work with my hair type.  If you’re like me, get the clear TSA approved bottles and add your shampoo, conditioner and other products for your hair.  There’s no need to sacrifice your regular products while on vacation.

If you plan to wear your hair straight  or you need a flat iron or other styling tools.  Try purchasing an interchangeable styling tool to eliminate bulk.  This is great for those that travel a lot. Remember most hotels have a hair dryer so that is a space saver.



Much like my hair, I plan my makeup look. I rarely wear makeup while on vacation, so this is easier for me.  However, if you have so much make up that pairing down is hard, consider a color scheme and stick with it.  Another alternative is to just apply the 5-minute face. All you need is concealer, bb cream or a foundation, bronzer or blush (I prefer bronzer on vacation, since I tend to get sun kissed) , eyeliner, mascara, one small eyeshadow pallet and a neutral color lip gloss.  All of this should fit in ONE small makeup pouch.



I try to save most of my precious cargo space for skincare.  Pretty much every skincare brand has a travel sized line of your favorite products.  It will take a little research to find, but to me skincare is more important! I love travel size makeup wipes, they come in just enough to get me through my vacation and I won’t feel like I’m wasting them if I don’t use them all on vacation because I use them at home.

The key is to stick to your daily regimes as best as you can.  It’ll avoid waste, space and money! Whatever you don’t use on vacation you can use again on your next trip or when you run out of your full size products at home! Happy travels!

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