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In 2015 I started my natural hair journey.  At first I thought I would transition, until my hair was in a stand still and wouldn’t grow as fast as I knew my hair could grow and in the meantime I would get sew ins with a natural hair texture and boy was that hard.  It was like finding a needle in a haystack! Finding extensions that would mimic my hair texture AND not be synthetic was difficult! So finally, I hit the internet, there has to be a company that is doing this and behold… I found Knappy Hair Extensions. I now felt comfortable doing the BIG CHOP (which is removing all of the relaxed hair until all you have left is your natural curl pattern). I ordered 2 sets of KNATURAL COARSE CLIP-INS and it has been so much fun! I spend less time figuring our what to do with my hair and more time on how to do something creative and unique.  If you have these clip-ins you probably get the comments…” Your hair is so beautiful”, or “Wow I love your hair texture” and it’s especially nice to hear because you know although it’s clip-ins it what YOUR hair would do if it had that volume and length, making the buy all that more worth it.

Earlier, this summer, KJ sent me her newest product, the KNATURAL COARSE FULL WIG and it was a game-changer! I love my clip-ins, but I do like to give ALL of my hair a break and in-between wearing my clip-ins I can use the wig as a protective style.  A protective style is when you braid your own hair and add no heat or manipulation to your hair.  I wanted to try the wig especially this summer to see if it would be too hot, and it wasn’t.  KJ sent the wig in a cute velvet bag with the Knappy Hair Extensions Hair Kare KiT. I washed and conditioned it and took it to the salon to get shaped and voila! Oh wait… I did get the wig natural and chose to dye it.  Since I am a FASHION BLOGGER and not a hair stylist, I was scared to dye the wig! I didn’t want to get dye on the lace. I recommend taking it to your hairstylist to do it all. HOWEVER, surprisingly enough, I did it…

Listen, although I did get the wig sent to me to review, as you can see from pretty much all my blog pictures Knappy Hair Extensions are my favorite and they are still going strong! It’s about that time to retire one set and add a new one … just because I want it, not because I need it. It also allows you to play with different natural hair textures!   If you take care of your clip ins and alternate between the wig you can have great looking extensions and HEALTHY NATURAL HAIR.  I do this so that when I am ready to wear my hair out it is FABULOUS! Too much heat and manipulation to natural hair is a natural disaster!

Hair Care Kit- Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner For Hair Extensions

Hair Care Kit- Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner For Hair Extensions

All natural, all new, hair care product – “Knappy Hair Extensions Hair Kare KiT” includes a bottle of: Enhancing Shampoo 1.5fl oz (150ml); Detangling Conditioner 1.5fl oz (150ml) ; Leave in Conditioner 1.5fl oz (150ml) This kit is specially formulated for textured virgin hair extensions, clip ins, wefts, U part wigs, tape ins, iTips, and wigs. The hair care kit also works great for all hair other extensions and hair types and even your own natural hair.  Our hair care kit line is: 100% Certified Botanical Extract ; 100% Sodium Chloride-FREE ; 100% Sulfate-FREE


I loved this look! It was perfect for summer.  I can achieve this look with the clip-ins or the full wig.  I am wearing the wig here.  I used a barrel curling iron (closed) and wrapped my hair around the barrel staring around my ear.  The higher the curl the more “Shirley Temple” It would look.  I wanted a soft wave so after I finished I finger combed my hair.


With the clip-ins I am able to play with more hair accessories.  Here I took a choker I had and turned it into a headband and added gold bobby pins for fun! Clip-ins give you more to play with! Who doesn’t like more?


This look was fun! I took my natural ponytail and I wrapped a couple of clip-ins around it and then braided.  You can use the same technique to make a top knot or low ponytail!


Sometimes the more straight and natural the hair, the more it looks like your natural tresses.  I wear my clip-ins and wig straight more than I do curly.  I LOVE having options without doing damage to my hair!

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