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This week I am starting a short series with Restart Detox.  Every Wednesday I will up date you on my progress with this 14 day detox program.  This summer I began a better living journey by becoming more active by participating in bootcamp.  I am happy with my results and I have more to go! I wanted to make sure my insides had a fresh start as well. So stay tuned as I begin this program.  Now,  I anticipated starting this program on Monday, BUT after carefully reading the instructions of the program is strongly suggests that your last day be a day where you’re at home and they recommend it be a Saturday or a Sunday.  So I will officially start on this upcoming Sunday so that I can end on a Saturday. So before I start hope you’re reading this and your curious about this program.  Hopefully after reading this you will be ready to start with me on Sunday.  To order this product go to and enter the code APRILC to receive $100 off this program.  The cost should be the last thing on your mind, your health and wellness is priceless! There’s no sense in looking good in the clothes if your insides aren’t well.

The Restart Detox is a 14-day comprehensive whole body cleanse / detox. It cleans and detoxifies the primary filtering organs of the body by first helping them to purge themselves of excess waste materials and other undesirables, then it helps the body to do it’s normal function of repairing any damage that may have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear or… over use, misuse and abuse.

In truth, all of us need to detoxify and cleans our bodies from time to time. Daily activities like eating and breathing put things into our bodies that can’t be easily digested. And of course, many of us do other things that create extra reasons for us to have to clean and restore our bodies. For instance, drinking alcohol, while in small amounts may be healthy, has the tendency to tax our kidneys and deteriorate our livers.

So let’s get started. I received:

Restart Instructions

1 bottle Liver Restart
1 bottle Kidney Restart
1 bottle Colon Restart
1 bottle WholeBody Restart 1 bottle Liver Align
1 bottle Gallbladder Align
1 bottles Ortho-Phos

How it Works:

This is a whole body, herbal and homeopathic, deep-cleanse program that addresses the kidneys, liver, colon, blood and immune system.

The night before Day 1:

Drink one 10oz. bottle of Magnesium Citrate before bed. Get eight hours of sleep.

Day 1 through Day 7:

Drink ve 16oz. fresh Cold-Pressed Juices and two Protein Drink or Nut Milk per day, each day. Also, drink 6–8, 8oz. glasses of “distilled” water per day, each day. Take care to follow the Restart food restrictions for each of the 14 days. Or, eat three fresh raw and vegan meals per day, each day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the morning snack you’ll drink a 16oz. juice, and for the evening snack you’ll drink a 16oz. juice (in this option, you will not be provided the juice, and will have to source it yourself). Also, drink 6–8, 8oz. glasses of “distilled” water each day.

So in preparation of the detox you’ll need to shop according to how you will follow the program will you juice it or will you eat raw?

Stay tuned to my next blog as I share my juice recipes and report how my first few days went and the plan for days 8-10.

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