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To catch up if you did not catch last weeks’ blog post. I partnered with a California company to discover and give my opinion on their 14-day detox program. It’s a comprehensive whole body cleanse / detox. It cleans and detoxifies the primary filtering organs of the body by first helping them to purge themselves of excess waste materials and other undesirables, then it helps the body to do it’s normal function of repairing any damage that may have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear or… over use, misuse and abuse. With life getting in the way sometimes our health can take a back seat. To be honest, as I am on this journey I have broken my rule to never not workout three days in a row and I have.

Well I started! So, far so hard, this is a REAL detox! I did prepare the night before and woke up on Monday ready to go! I feel great, but it is harder than any other detox I’ve done. Here’s how to start with the juice option which is my preference.  

The Evo Juice option allows your body to rest from the rigors of digesting solid foods which aids in the healing process. You’re also getting full doses of fresh, natural vitamins and minerals the way nature intended. By combining the well known bene ts of juice fasting with the foundational 14-day herbal and homeopathic Restart cleanse and detox kit you can help your body get back to healthy balance.

Evo Juice Directions & Schedule: The night before Day 1:

Drink one 10oz. bottle of Magnesium Citrate before bed. Get eight hours of sleep.

Day 1 through Day 7:

Drink ve 16oz. fresh Cold-Pressed Juices and two Protein Drink or Nut Milk per day, each day. Also, drink 6–8, 8oz. glasses of “distilled” water per day, each day. Take care to follow the Restart food restrictions for each of the 14 days.


These pills are huge! Filled with A LOT of herbal goodness!

The Restart Food Restrictions

Elimination of the following will help with healing, overall detoxi cation and good health:

  • Vinegar (whole, raw apple cider vinegar is acceptable)
  • Gluten
  • Dairy products
  • Fermented foods
  • Fried foods (these coat the liver)
  • Caffeine (which incapacitates and dehydrates both the liver and kidneys and stresses the adrenal glands)
  • All oils should be greatly reduced or eliminated during the cleanse (oils can coat the liver)
  • Desserts and sweets
  • Breads
  • Junk foods
  • Sugars
  • Meat products
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods

It’s hard but it’s worth the RESTART! Get sexy under those clothes! Check out my previous blog and stay tuned as I blog about my progress! To order this product go to and enter the code APRILC to receive $100 off this program.

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