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Cold feet, not sexy.  Ashy, dry, cracked feet even more unsexy! Keeping your feet warm and moisturized is important in the winter especially since  when your feet are cold the skins blood supply to the top layer of skin go down, leaving you with dry, chapped feet. Moisture is always the name of the games with it comes to skincare and the skin on your feet is no different.  Here are a few “beauty feet” tips:

  1.  Go bare! Since your toes are covered doing the winter months, give your toe nails a break.  Experts say wearing nail polish for weeks dehydrates the nails.  Still get a pedicure in the winter months but forgo the nail polish and just concentrate on healthy feet.

2. Use an ultra hydrating cream. After you shower, like with any other part of your body, stay damp and lock in the moisture with a hydrating cream like BLISS FOOT PATROL .

3. Soak ’em! Soaking the feet also works on the principal that the feet are connected to every part of the body and uses the healing power of water to bring relaxation and draw toxins out of the body through sweat glands in the feet. For simple relaxation and detoxification at home, soak your feet in a basin of warm water. Add lavender essential oil or lemon juices to refresh, tea tree oil for fungal infection, and ginger or rosemary infusion to warm up in winter. (cc:

4.  Exfoliate.  An exfoliating foot cream applied nightly will ensure continuous supple, hydrated skin.  Look for ingredients like tea tree oil to invigorate while rich moisturizers, like shea butter helps your feet stay soft year ’round.

5. Trim your toenails. Keeping your nails properly trimmed is important for preventing ingrown toenails, especially when your toes are confined in closed-toed shoes and boots. If your nails are thick and hard to cut, a chiropodist can help with your toenail care. ( )



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