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What would April Wear is a fashion & lifestyle blogazine for the creative entrepreneur.

As creative entrepreneurs we do things differently we not only run our businesses fearlessly but we have a creative way of doing it. How we dress for business meetings and where and how we travel is different from the average businesswoman. Our lives are stylish, hectic and colorful.

It’s my mission to share my creative entrepreneurial exploits and the fashionable way I do it so that you will be inspired and informed. Through my blog I share articles about style, travel, business , health, inspiration, giving, decor & more! Finding out What Would April Wear is only a part of piecing together a fashionable & creative lifestyle.

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April Clark is the CEO of Clark Global Fashion & Beauty Holdings LLC. Often referred to as a fashion aficionado and Renaissance mogul, she is called upon to be a fashion and style correspondent, host, style expert and spokesperson. Through her blogazine & brand, What Would April Wear is known as the “fashion club to April’s fellow creative entrepreneurs” that shares tips on what’s in fashion, how to style it, where to shop & how to do the business of a fashion creative. In addition, she is the creator of Miss April Fashion Girlpreneur, a fashion doll & brand created to teach girls entrepreneurship, confidence & style.  She is also a fashion stylist , TV style expert , fashion & beauty marketing consultant , and owner and designer of an online boutique & fashion label. April is also the designer of Fashionably Yours a fashion stationery brand.
Frequently , April  travels to fashion events such as NYFW to explore emerging trends in order to cultivate them into her global fashion-lifestyle brand. Named one of the 25 most stylish people in the Triangle, she is in constant demand as a fashion resource for stylists and fashion publications throughout the country.   April has been seen on The Wendy Williams Show INSTAGLAM segment and in the February 2017 issue of Style Watch Magazine. She also authors fashion, style & beauty publications, through her publishing company, Pretty Iconic Publishing found in her boutique and on Amazon.

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