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Monthly Archives: October 2016

What Would April Wear

The Second Time Around

MAKE A LIST Secondhand shopping or thrifting is a time consuming shopping event. Making a list keeps you on track and on budget.  If you are looking for a fur coat, career blouses, or even a great handbag make a list of a few items

What Would April Wear

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

        NEW ARRIVAL! Gag, would you? I am in love with my newest arrival to the What Would April Wear Boutique. Dine out or brunch, I think so!  It’s a trendy high fashion metallic gold fabric knee length skirt with accordion pleats

What Would April Wear Boutique- Rad Rider Jacket


Screaming, jumping and dancing for JOY! Patches, my favorite hobby when I was a kid is a fashion trend again! Embroidered iron on patches used to be my way of expressing my style. I would take an old pair of jeans or jean jacket and

Fall Color: Bordeaux

Bordeaux, wine, burgundy it’s called so many things, the dark shade of red that pops up this time of year. It goes as dark as oxblood which has more purple in it and resembles the burgundy color. Whatever you call it I call it the

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

So it continues, the romantic lace, the allure of femininity in ruffles, high necks and puffy sleeves…blah, blah, blah… YUCK!  I am all about fashion trends making their way through the fashion timeline but “prairie chic” should have stayed in the Little House On The