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Monthly Archives: May 2016

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Look Like A World Traveler

London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and Rome different places, different faces, I can’t wait to leave home! Ah, to be a world traveler. There was  a show on the Sundance channel called, Man Shops Globe about a buyer for Anthropoligie and tastemaker, Keith Johnson, who shops in

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Stripes for Everyone!

This Kate Spade New York Multi Cape Stripe Dress is the perfect spring dress for a wedding, graduation, or just about any social event! Stripes have been something that plus size girls have been warned to avoid, but this dress is flattering on all shapes


Spring Shoe Guide

It’s time to shoes those toes and bare those legs for spring! Spring is my favorite time of the year. Out with the heavy clothes and in with the light and airy frocks.  Here are a few tips for shopping for shoes this spring! Protect