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What Would April Wear Boutique- Rad Rider Jacket


Scream, jumping and dancing for JOY! Patches, my favorite hobby when I was a kid is a fashion trend again! Embroidered iron on patches used to be my way of expressing my style. I would take an old pair of jeans or jean jacket and

Fall Color: Bordeaux

Bordeaux, wine, burgundy it’s called so many things, the dark shade of red that pops up this time of year. It goes as dark as oxblood which has more purple in it and resembles the burgundy color. Whatever you call it I call it the

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

So it continues, the romantic lace, the allure of femininity in ruffles, high necks and puffy sleeves…blah, blah, blah… YUCK!  I am all about fashion trends making their way through the fashion timeline but “prairie chic” should have stayed in the Little House On The


Lashes Done Right!

My friendly Esthetician, Amanda of Natural Esthetics asked me if I had ever had lash extensions. Immediately my stomach churned, I had and it has always ended with me losing my real lashes that used to be long and luscious to what I have now


Fall Color : Pumpkin Spice

I couldn’t resist… you know the “P word”. PUMPKIN, the word that is overused to death at the first sign of fall. I may get tired of hearing it but I never get tired of wearing it. This season I am in love with my Double



SUGGESTIVE Fall Collection a capsule collection of pieces that explore the simple side of sexy with smart cutouts, short hems with longer sleeves. Eight, easy and comfortable pieces in the What Would April Wear Boutique.   Yesterday, subscribers enjoyed an exclusive VIP shopping experience. I closed the boutique


Beauty Essential: Routine Facials

“When’s the last time you had a facial?” she asked “Umm… I’ve never had one” “Not even a Mary Kay facial?” “Oh yeah I’ve had quick at home facials but never something that required me to lay on a table” Yes, it’s true at 38